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Dave started playing the drums quite late in life, around 17 years old, almost by accident really. He was the singer in a band at school and had a very unreliable drummer who kept ‘forgetting’ to come to rehearsals. One day, faced with yet another drummerless rehearsal, he decided to jump behind the kit himself and heʼs never looked back!

He spent the next 10 years playing in many different bands in the Glasgow and Edinburgh (Scotland) music scenes as well as several function bands, gradually honing his skills. In 2003, he decided he wanted to try and make a proper career for himself within the music industry. So he sold everything he owned and moved to London to study at Drumtech Drum & Percussion School (now known as Tech Music School).

He had an amazing year at Drumtech, met some fantastic people and learned from some of the best player/teachers in the UK including Tom Meadows (Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud), Justin Scott (Amit Chaterjee), Erik Stams (Stu Hamm) and Bosco De Oliveira (Terry Callier, Hamish Stewart, Sade) to name but a few. He graduated from Drumtech’s 1 year Diploma course in 2004 with a merit pass and was also awarded the Best Live Performer Prize for his year.

After graduating, he got involved with many different original artists and bands in London, playing live, writing and recording with them. The work heʼs most proud is for singer-songwriter (and his wife) Weisan, London singer-songwriter Ben Williams and successful function band, End of The Century, which he co-founded nearly 10 years ago.

Since moving to HK in 2012, he has played shows with his wife, Weisan, in various venues around the city (Backstage, Fringe Club, etc.), and in August 2014 his musical, groove-based playing was noticed by local Rock/Pop Duo, Soler. He is now recording and playing live shows regularly with the duo.

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