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I've been teaching drums seriously since 2007 and my main goal has always been to help people become good musicians – not just good drummers. Most people who start learning the drums have some desire to play music with other people at some point. With that goal in mind, I centre my teaching around fundamental grooves and fills so that, in just a few months, you’ll be confident enough to play in a band – if you want to! After that, it’s all about building on that solid, musical foundation to develop a good sound, good feel and a wide vocabulary.


I have developed my own easy-to-follow curriculum, aimed at beginners and intermediates, which gives students all the skills and concepts they need to confidently play many different styles of music. Not only that, but each and every example and exercise in the curriculum is supported by a demonstration video that I have made available for free on YouTube. I believe this is an excellent teaching and support tool that is not offered by most drum teachers.  You can check out all the demos on the Aspire Music YouTube channel.

I accept students from beginner to intermediate level and from aged 6 onwards. I am familiar with the Rockschool and Trinity Music programs and I'm happy to coach students through the different grades. I'm also happy to conduct drum lessons online if you prefer.

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